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NBX V3000 Disconnecting on Long Distance Calls

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NBX V3000 Disconnecting on Long Distance Calls

When any user tries to call long distance, we dial our prefix 9 then 1 XXX-XXX-XXXX


After about 20 seconds the line just hangs up, no ringing no tones no anything. I have tested the dial plan and its going out the LongDistance route as it should. Ive verified all uses CoS has Long Distance enabled. I have rebooted a couple times and reset the analog line cards. Also I have verified that the line cards are seeing the proper number which is 1 XXX XXX XXXX. I have also removed the analog lines and directly dialed out on them so I know that long distance is working on the phone company side. Does anyone know the advanced logging link or anything I can do to further troubleshoot why long distance calls are not working?


Edit: This applies to local calls as well as long distance. Any outgoing bound call now has 2 sympotms, it will either just blindly hang up or sometimes it says "Device Offline" with a busy tone.

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Re: NBX V3000 Disconnecting on Long Distance Calls

Perhaps the NBX is detecting bad quality signals on the line and is taking the card offline after too many slips and line coding violations. We had this problem with a T1 in atlanta. Finally AT&T fixed their cabling after months!