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NBX V3000 Netset Help

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NBX V3000 Netset Help

I just inherited the administration of the phone system but have no PBX experience. Also, the admin guide is about 500 pages and I can't find what I'm looking for.


When callers call the main number, they are given options. They press 2 for one option and then are given a second list of options.


At the second list, pressing 3 is supposed to connect them to an employee's extension, but it routes them back the main greeting. How can I fix this?


I would also like to change the greeting if they press 2 at the second list. Help?


Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Re: NBX V3000 Netset Help

If you log in to the web administration what you need is under NBX messaging -> Auto Attendant rom there is should be rather self explanatory.  Once you select the autoattendant that you need to change you will have tabs across the top to manage the menu tree and the prompts.


Post if you have ny more specific questions once you poke around in there.