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NBX V3000 Problems

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NBX V3000 Problems

Last Friday it seems our NBX V3000 started locking up.  We could make or recieve calls.  Since We couldn't access from the GUI, the only way to get it to respond was to pull the plugs from back of the V3000 and Super Stack 3 which houses the digitial line card. 

What would cause this?  No updates have been made to the system.

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Re: NBX V3000 Problems

You can connect to the serial port of the call processor and use the nbxReboot to restart the system.  It is much faster to do this than it is to wait for the disk check to finish.

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Re: NBX V3000 Problems

What version of NBX code ?

PRI or Analog lines ?

How many tels ?

basic info can help us to see if it is a known issue as armstrkw is correct as the hyperterm will give us some info if the system somehow freezes a task .

When the hyperterm is up and running , type in a small i and see that tasks . If something is suspended ( in later codes telnet or debugger are ok in suspend mode ) then that may be the reason . Open a case with 3Com and we can help you or post the info back up here .


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Re: NBX V3000 Problems

Do you know if you have any Users who have configured email notification of voicemails?

We've seen before, if the email address is incorrect, or if the NBX is unable to resolve via DNS, multiple attempts will be made, and it's enough to halt the NBX.

With the new release notes, looks like they've fixed that, though.  What release are you running currently?