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NBX V3000 Softare level

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NBX V3000 Softare level

Hoping someone can help....

I have a (3C10600A) NBX V3000 Analog System thats currently running v R4.4.2. I see v R4.4.12 posted for the (3CV3000PWR) 3Com NBX V3000 PoE Bundle. Is that release compatible on the (3C10600A)?


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Re: NBX V3000 Softare level

All the version of release software for NBX V3000 is R4_4_X infact you can put the R4_4_12 into your NBX V3000 ANLG.Only for V3000 exsist version R4_4_X.

The bundle is only v3000 plus the switch PoE, and the V3000 is the same, therisn't a version of software for "bundle", is only marketing.

Remember after R4_4_x is there much release of software, with bought with license.

And all the release after yours is the same for all NBXs, from R5_0_X, but the file is divide :

one for V3000 analogBRI

one for V3001 analogBRI

one for V5000
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Re: NBX V3000 Softare level


Worked great. wasnt sure since 3com didnt have that update posted under the model processor that i have.