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NBX V5000 Power Supplies

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NBX V5000 Power Supplies

My NBX V5000 just died and I believe the power supply unit has gone.  It is the dual power-supply system and I am having trouble sourcing a replacement part.  There are two Power-One MPU150-S256 units on a "sled" (chassis).


Does anyone know where replacement parts might be available?  Locally if possible, I'm in Massachusetts.

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Re: NBX V5000 Power Supplies

All the places I've called said they would only sell them wholesale (eg 500+ units).

As long as the power/volt/wattage levels match, any standard pc power supply should work, I believe.

At least, the system board connector matches a PC power supply so in theory it should work.

The alternative is to buy a complete V5000, unfortunately.

Were you running with only a single power supply when it died?


Re: NBX V5000 Power Supplies

I know where to get them fixed, but you will have to send in the power supply so they can use the connectors/wiring harness. For what it costs you can pick up V5000's on the secondary market cheaper. If you obtain a new unit swap out the hard drive tray and your good to go.  There is http://www.ictcompany.com that I think is really close to you, they are in Shrewsbury, MA.