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NBX VoiceMail

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NBX VoiceMail


I have an NBX 100 that is no longer sending calls to our voice mail, instead we receive the message "for additional assistance press 0". We have our hard disk sapce usage at 50% so I don´t think this is the problem. Any assistance will be appreciated, thanks.

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Since you are getting a message, that message is played via a voicemail port so the vm ports are working.

I know some of the older NBX100's had limits on the number of hours that voicemail would store.. Check your license page.. see if you have 4 ports, 4 hours or something like that.. then check your voicemail usage page to see if you are at the 4 hour mark

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Need more info

What code are you running ?

Analog lines or Digital - What kind - t1 or pri ?

When you go to leave a message what is the exact message ?

Also review the NBX NBoss logs and se eif any errors are present

 Her eis one solution :


NBX 100 - Voicemail message "This system is not accepting messages at this time"

Solution ID - 2.0.41008202.2764102

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Thank you for replying to my post, here are the answers for your questions:


I reviewed the license and we are ok, we have:

Voicemail License:   80 hours, 12 ports

I also checked the user usage and we are at 50% 


I am running an old code 4_3_13

Digital lines: PRI

When we attempt to leave a message we receive the user message "you are calling X please leavo your message" immediately adter this we receive the message "for additional assistance press 0" and that´s it.

There are no error messages in the log file.

I will ask all users to delete their voice messages tonight to see if that helps the problem.

Here is the output from the NBX Voice Mail tab

Max Number of messages: 30

New Msg Retention (days): 15

Msg Retention (days): 15

Max Incoming Msg Length (mins): 2


Port Usage


Maximum messages per mailbox: 30

Licensed Voice Mail ports: 12

Maximum number of Voice Mail ports active at one time:  4  10

Maximum number of calls queued at one time while waiting for a port:  0  0

Missed messages caused by full mailboxes: 0  2009 Nov 23 20:04:06

Maximum message length (minutes): 2  25  2009 Nov 13 14:57:21

No Voice Mail port available:    0

Message storage used:  1.29 hours  18453 KB

Message storage remaining:  78.71 hours  1122015 KB

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

It sounds like that mailbox is set to announce only.

It is a user accessable  feature.

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Hi DanCarroll,

This feature is disabled for all users (checkbox unmarked), I also tried enabling it for one user and then disabling it, but still no luck.

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

R4.3 code is not supported anymore . The last release was R4.3.17 code . Can you open a case with support ? We may have a couple of things we can try ......

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Hi merlin,

I know that the software version is no longer supported...

I opened a ticket with 3com and received no assistance at all...

I did the following:

1. Tried to backup up saved messages, but the NBX was not even allowing to perform backups

2. Rebooted NBX and while booting up sent me a message indicating that my licenses have expired (this was impossible as I just renewed last October)

3. Did a cold start (powered off the box) waited for 30 min and when it booted up, I was able to save voice messages again

So after all it appears to be just a problem with the database that was resolved by turning off the box.

there were no errors in the event log, nor in the NBossLog file.

Thanks all for your assistance.

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Re: NBX VoiceMail

Glad to hear it was resolved . Sometimes a reboot ( hard or soft ) sometimes resolves the issues . I cannot speak about not getting help but you can always contact a manager here if you feel you did not get any assistance .

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