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NBX and pcxset remote phones

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NBX and pcxset remote phones

I had a call between a pcxset ext.  in India and connecticut.

I had the phone in connecticut on a hub with a computer running wireshark.

The call had more static than audio.

When I looked at the wire shark trace, it looks like the audio is between IP's on udp port 2093.

Is this the correct port?

I thought 2093 was call control.

2094 was audio

i did not see 2094 in use at all.

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Re: NBX and pcxset remote phones

Absolutely normal . All NBX ports can be used , eg : 2093 , 2094 , 2095 & 2096 .

Static is not caused by selecting a por t. Static is usually generated from one device to another . I would check the nic , or the pc and see if you can isolate where the static originates from .