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NBX100 - 3 COM Business Telephone

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NBX100 - 3 COM Business Telephone



I am facing something strange with the Business Telephone, the caller hears the ringing even after the call is picked up. Both the party can hear but the ringing runs in the backgound.  What could be wrong? 


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Re: NBX100 - 3 COM Business Telephone

Does He hear the ringing on the handset or on the unit ? Hnadset or speaker ?

Does He get the person calling ( audio ) ?


When the call comes in , the NBX sends a packet to the tel to say ring . When yuio pick up the call , the ttel sends a packet back to say off hook . It sounds like possibly one of two things :


1. The tel may be defective . Have you tried swapping out the telephone with a known good one ?

2. Sometimes over the network , if changes are made , the packet never gets back to the NBX .  You may have a network condition going on .


It sounds like a Tel to me for now ( need more info  ) .