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NBX100 Wont Load up

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NBX100 Wont Load up

I have an NBX100 that we purchased used and it will not boot up.  It just flashes lights forever. 

I unfortunately do not have a console cable and dont know what to do... any suggestions.  I have reseated the hard drive and the boards, but with no luck.  Is there anything i can do without the console cable?




Here is a video of the lights.  They have been doing so for about an hour



Re: NBX100 Wont Load up


Your video is a little dark to tell, but the light pattern would seem to indicate that the system is likely running a drive test called fsck.

There is really little you can do without the cable to see what is going on and it is a standard cable you can get for a few bucks, often referred to by vendors as a M-F (male to female) 9 pin straight through serial cable.

There are plenty of instructions for how to use hyperterm to connect the cable and be able to monitor the boot process.

You should see a lot of things flash by and then the system will probably pause on "Phase 2". This is the longest phase of the disk test and will take a while. As far as I know the only option is to wait it out and watch for errors.

when Phase 3 appears you are at least half way to the line that says "system ready"

I hope this helps,


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Re: NBX100 Wont Load up

Jim is correct as it could be something on the boot up . NBX 100 systems are very old so it would be advised to set up a hyperterm when staqrting the system . Code , envireonmental , etc .