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NBXCDR & Crystal reports

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NBXCDR & Crystal reports

I'm trying to create some custom reports.  When I move my Crystal report over to the Custom Folder, and try to run it, I'm getting "Error creating data for report". I am a novice with Crystal Reports, so i don't know if there is some step I'm missing....


 I'm running NBX V5000 6.5.22 

 NBXCDR software 6.0.22.  

Cystal Reports 110.0.1282  (X1).  



Any help will be appreciated.  

Thanks,  Jane McBride



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Re: NBXCDR & Crystal reports


What spec on the NBX are you using to write the Crystal Reports? CDR data changed radically between

NBX 5.0 and NBX 6.0. We have seen instances where customers would be running 6.0 and using the older CDR 5.0 spec and get the same error, "cannot find any data"

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Re: NBXCDR & Crystal reports

unfortunately I am not a Crystal expert either .

Can you run the NBX cdr without installing Crystal ? Does it work ?

Does the report software get and download all of the cdr caller info from the NBX ?

Just a few start questions