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NBXV3001 to NBXV3001

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NBXV3001 to NBXV3001

Hi, has anybody connected 2 or more NBX systems together over a WAN?

I currently have a number of NBX V3001 systems and have recently been asked to connect them over a newly installed WAN.

Many thanks


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Re: NBXV3001 to NBXV3001

There are two ways to tie NBX'es together: VTL or SIP. Both have their pro's and con's. I am presuming you have a 6.0 license and can upgrade to 6.5 without any additional cost.



PROS: Requires dialplan changes, set up is minimal, everything you currently have is supported.

CONS: Need to purchase VTL Licenses



PRO: No additional licenses needed as long as you have room for additional users on your box. If 3000 or 3001 do not have the additional memory, you need to purchase that. You need to do that for VTL also.


You lose some functionality. See the Admin guide for what you lose.

If you have some older devices, they may not be supported. See the Admin guide for devices supported under SIP

When you convert to SIP, all users lose their voicemail. Also, name greetings, personal greetings and auto attendant greetings must be rerecorded.

Those are the highlights.. check out the Admin guide also.. it essentially comes down to cost vs. ease of

combining the two.


hope this helps..