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No SMTP notify on NBX V3000B

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No SMTP notify on NBX V3000B

Here is the error message that I'm getting in the NBOSS log regarding these attempts to send SMTP email notifications of voicemail messages. It seems to me that the NBX resolves the address of the recipient alright, but then the message is rejected by the mail hosting company (sonic.net) for reason -550.


But sonic claims that they are not seeing these messages coming in at all, much less rejecting them. Does anyone know if reason code -550 is an NBX code? (see full string below)




nbxINetNot0    L DeliverEMail: Found Address Record:
Attempting to send NBX notification via mail host                      
nbxINetNot0    L DeliverEMail: SMTP_from (52, nbx@mail.sonic.net) failed -550
nbxINetNot0    L Delivery failed, no more retry attempts
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Re: No SMTP notify on NBX V3000B

550 is an SMTP code:

550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (E.g., mailbox not found, no access)

Since Sonic states never seeing a message,

check your DNS settings on the NBX.. make sure those are legitimate.