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Odd protocol issue affecting either phones or line card ports on R 6_0_44

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Odd protocol issue affecting either phones or line card ports on R 6_0_44

We have a system that's been running fine for a while - it was bought used, but purged and rebuilt. Last week they started having problems, where only one person in a hunt group could pick up calls and hear the other end; everyone else just got dead air.


I did some troubleshooting on site today and noticed that the phones that worked (different models) were "online" whereas the ones that got dead air were "IP Online." Checked protocols and it was set to ethernet only, which I changed to IP-on-the-fly and then rebooted. All of the phones came up, but now the internal analog line ports were all status unknown. Flipped it back to ethernet only and the analog cards came back, but half of the phones (different ones from before) were back in "IP Online." One thing I had noticed while in IP mode was that the line card had an NCP IP addres value that was set to something external, but I could find no place to change or reset that value.


To see if we had any weird database corruption I did a full back up and then purged the database. Set up auto-discover and noted that the system was in ethernet only. About half of the phones showed as online (the rest were missing) and the analog lines were all present. Changed the protocol to IP-on-the-fly and rebooted, and this purged system went to all phones showing up and all of the analog line ports changing to status unknown.


I was running low on time by that point, so I restored from backup and then started uploading 6.5. I won't be able to reboot it into this version for a couple of days, but thankfully all of the important phones were randomly chosen to come up online.


Has anyone seen any issue like this before? It's a new one on me.

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Re: Odd protocol issue affecting either phones or line card ports on R 6_0_44

Here is something that you can try..


Unplug the NBX from your network and plug a pc/ laptop directly into the nbx so they are the only two things connected. You will have to statically assign an IP address to the PC/laptop to gain web access to the NBX. Also, Unplug the phone lines from your analog card. Once you web into the NBX, turn OFF auto discovery of analog cards, and delete the existing analog cards. Reboot, turn on Auto discovery, and if the cards dont pop back up again, reboot once more and they will.


Now they should show offline.


I would then suggest plugging up your phone lines one, by one, to see if you have a bad cable.



I had a similar issue with one of my boxes, where it showed status "unknown" on every line on my analog card, whether it was plugged in to a line or not. It was also a used box that i rebuilt. I had it staged, plugged into a PoE switch with one phone connected, and one phone line connected for about a week or so. Right before i went live with it i moved around a couple of switches, so it was then plugged into some crusty old DLINK switch, and the PoE device was moved upstairs. I also plugged up more phones, AND plugged in an addtl 2 analog phone lines into the card. After all those changes i got the status unknown problem. It works now. I noticed one of my analog phone cables only had 2 pins and the rest had 4, so i swapped it. But just yesterday i deleted some phones from the box and rebooted it and i got that same message again. This time I knew what to do, and again it worked. so i think that somehow i have a bad cable somewhere in my network, or it just doesnt like that Dlink switch. but it seems to work for the most part. As long as i do my maintenence on the device before or after business hours, i can always go through the procedure i described to you above and get it running again. i wont worry about tracking down the real cause unless it fais on me during business hours. But, if you figured your issue out already I'd love to hear what you found. Thanks! and Good luck