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Off-Site Notification Ports Outbound CID


Off-Site Notification Ports Outbound CID

I have a customer with an NBX100 running R6.0.44.  When the Off-Site Notification ports dial out they are not getting an outbound Caller ID from the dial plan because they do not have an extension number assigned to them.  I went to Dial Plan > Modify Extensions to assign them extension numbers but they do not appear in the list.  How do I assign them extension numbers?

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Re: Off-Site Notification Ports Outbound CID

When you set up a user for OSN , it uses the settings in call fwd'ing tab . When you attach a tel to it , it uses the dp for that particular extension . So when you go into users , select your OSN user then in the list , find the mac to assign a tel . Click on the mac and click apply , now that user is assiciated with that tel .


I believe that you never set up a tel to the user ????