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One way paging with remote sites

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One way paging with remote sites

We can page from  the main site to the remote offices ,but when we can not page to the main office,all we hear is a tone but no audio...

Thanks for the help


v3000 running R6.5.22patch 3

IP on the fly

with Cisco series 800 routes


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Re: One way paging with remote sites

Just to make sure I understand:

1. You can do an internal page from the main office to remote office. Remote office phones are on a different subnet, correct? these are just IP phones, not another NBX in the remote office and using VTL's, is that correct?


2. If just remote IP phones, check and make sure that multicast is going BOTH ways.. seems multicast is open from main office to remote office, but not remote office to main office

Let us know !!!