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Outbound Caller ID Presentation

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Outbound Caller ID Presentation

Does anyone know of a way of conclusively proving to a carrier that the reason why CLIP doesn't work on outbound calls, is in fact their problem.

This is on a NBX 100 platform R5.0.31. I know the dial plan is correct, and have compared it with a dial plan on another NBX 100 where it does work. I have likewise ensured that in the pretranslators all trunks used on site are selected in Outbound CLI for matching extns.

I can also run a test under operations and get the following results that to me, proves the dial plan and pretranslators are working

Translation and Routing verification tool

   Pretranslator: no pretranslator specified for this device

   Translator: Internal 4 Digit Extensions (1)

      Matching digit pattern: 907 from entry 19

      Call class: Wireless

      Route: LocalCO (1)


      Digits provided to router: 907878??????

      Route Entry Matched: RouteId=1 EntryId=2

      Free device is 7509 Line 10 00:e0:bb:22:a1:f4

      Digits to outpulse on terminating device: 07878??????

      CLI Pretranslator: Outbound CLI for matching extns (2)

        Matching digit pattern: 5601 from entry 2

        Resulting calling party number: ???????5601 (unknown type)

The ? in example are there on purpose.

Finally, I've checked the SPAN status looking at the last 5 calls. Under column 'Calling Party', I am getting the full set of digits sent to the carrier.

Despite all of that, the carrier still maintains there is a fault on NBX.

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Re: Outbound Caller ID Presentation

I assume this is outbound ?


You may have to add in a seperate entry to tell the NBX to use Natioanl Dial Plan type on caller id .  Add this bold entry into your dp and see if it works .

PreTranslator Create 2  Caller ID

PreTranslatorISDNNumberType 2 2

/                         PreTransId Entry Digits

/                         ---------- ----- ------

PreTranslatorEntry Create          2     1 1

PreTranslatorEntry Create          2     2 2

PreTranslatorEntry Create          2     3 3

PreTranslatorEntry Create          2     4 4

PreTranslatorOperation Create          2     1      1 prepend    7818956

PreTranslatorOperation Create          2     2      1 prepend    7818956

PreTranslatorOperation Create          2     3      1 prepend    7812900156

PreTranslatorOperation Create          2     4      1 replace    7812900156


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Re: Outbound Caller ID Presentation

Thanks Merlin

It is outbound CLI. I've tried your suggestion, can see it working when testing the dial plan, but still not getting the direct dial numbers presented to the caller. With the numbers pulsed showing up in SPAN status, I'm convinced it's a problem with carrier, but difficulty is proving it to them. They keep maintaining nothing is wrong and must be hardware, but at same time won't put any effort in to just make sure they're in the clear.

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Re: Outbound Caller ID Presentation

You would probably have to go a bit more technical as you will need to ask :


What type of caller id ? SDMI or MDMI ?

What type of CO are you delaing with ?  DMS , 5E , etc .

Show them that the caller id is being sent  .


You can also show them in stk logging that we are sending it out to them .

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Re: Outbound Caller ID Presentation

Just to check. . are your PRI channels in the Pretranslator, Device using CLI?

In the pretranslator that you created,  go to Dialplan/Pretranslators, click on your pretranslator, then

click on "device using CLI".. make sure your PRI channels are in here.