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I have a laptop with pcxset installed-- 6.0.10.  and NBX is 6.5.22, NON SIP.

When I am at the location, I do not get audio.

call setup happens, just no audio.

This happens when the pcxset ext 1406, calls another extension on the LAN.

Also when an extension on the LAN calls 1406 ,same probem.

1406 to the PRI and Pri to 1406 also no audio.

BUT if  ext 1406 dials an extension on the WAN using VTL's it works perfectly.

if a call comes into a pri at another location and dials 1406 it also works.


I have changed the IP address on the laptop to a different ip on the LAN and retested. same issues and indications.

Then I took an IP address that was in the ip on the fly range and used it for my laptop. Audio works.

The IPs used for the phones in IP on the fLY and the network IP's are in the same subnet, no routing involved. They are just reserved for the NBX

I put my laptop back on the network for DHCP assignment and no audio again.


I setup a pc on the lan with pcxset and I have no issues.

So it seems like it is the laptop somehow.

I have rebooted to no avail

Any suggestions?


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Re: PCXSET-Problems

There is a check box in PCXSet that states force layer 3 , also another checkbox that says use computer ip settings .

Make sure they are both checked and try again ....