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Paging Output Volume

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Paging Output Volume

I have a small NBX V3001 Phone System and we can’t get

the paging (through the phones) up to a decent level.

We are running NBX Release 6.0.63 software. We can

hardly hear the pager’s voice through the speaker on

the 3102 Phone.

We can’t get the external paging alert to go higher

either. We changed it from the default of level 6 up

to level 15 (the highest level) with no change in the

volume of the paging alert or the page audio.

Anyone have any ideas

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Re: Paging Output Volume


For the internal paging issue, the volume of the speaker is controlled by the user and volume that they set. Try this experiment. .. have two people call each other and answer on the speakerphone.. then have them adjust the speakerphone volume to how they like it.

Then make another call via internal paging.. how is the volume now? should be the same as when they are on speaker phone...

for external paging, the volume is really set by the amplifier/speakers you have plugged in.. The External paging Alert volume that you mention set at 15 is only for the volume of the "beep" at the beginning of the page...

What do you have attached to the paging port? what kind of amplifier?

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Re: Paging Output Volume

We are not using an external paging amplifier or the

paging port on the NBX Chassis.

The issue is with the volume when paging via the

speakers in the phones. We can not get the voice

volume or the alert tone (beep) to increase. The

pager's voice comes over the phone's speaker, but it

is very faint. The volume controls on the phones has

no effect on the paging volume.

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Re: Paging Output Volume

As far as I know that is not adjustable . It is actually set on the volume of the telephone . Lab tests show that this is the way it works .

So you say when you page to a te , low volume ?

V3001 R or Analog ?

Did you try Copying and then purging the db and try it with no db ? Just rediscover a couplef tels and see what you get ?