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Pcxset on Vista

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Pcxset on Vista


I am trying to install the latest PcXset on Vista.

When i attempt to run the wizard, I get an 80046000H error.

I am using a Dell xpx m 1530 with a Marvell Yukon

88e8040 enet card.

I tried installing and reinstalling, no luck

any suggestions?

Thank You

Occasional Contributor

Re: Pcxset on Vista

check and make sure that your ethernet mac address is the correct one - do you have multiple nic cards on the pc?

Sometimes you can point to the wrong one.

Also check and make sure that no other program is running that might interfere with pcxset

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Re: Pcxset on Vista

Thank you.

I checked and only 1 NIC card. .one wireless card also.

I chose the correct NIC card in the pcxset wizard.

But you did give me an idea about the NIC's. I discovered that the problem was theVirtual NIC cards that VMWare Workstation Creates when it is installed.

I uninstalled VMWare and Because PCXset works excellent.

Thanks for your help !!!