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Phantom Bridged Appearances only ring once in R6

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Phantom Bridged Appearances only ring once in R6

Used this trick all the time at least up to R4_3_15, no longer works in R6_0_63;

Two users are sharing the same set. The set's native extension is x111. Want to give the second user x211, and create bridged appearances of x211 on the top 2 line keys of the x111 set.

1. Created phantom telephone x211 with phantom MAC 00:e0:bb:00:02:11

2. Modified bottom 2 SA keys on phantom set to be Bridged Extension x211

3. Added 2 x211 Bridged Extension keys to x111 set

In R4_3_15 these Bridged Extension keys would ring the usual (4) times and forward to the phantom x211 VMB. Don't know what code release it stopped working on, but on R6_0_63 the key rings only once (you can grab the call if you're fast enough) and then forwards off to VM.

Anybody have a work around to get the full 4 rings back? Lemme know.