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Phone atlernatives for NBX

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Phone atlernatives for NBX

Is anyone using any SIP phones on an NBX system? Looking for alternatives to the 3102 and 3101 phones


Thanks in advance

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Re: Phone atlernatives for NBX

When you enable SIP everyone will lose thier voicemail and greetings.  You will lose your Automated Attandent if you use one.  The reason is the NBX changes encoding methods when you enable SIP and the current recordings are not compatible with the SIP encoding method.


I was considering using SIP phones too as I can't find anyone who sells 3C10402B phones anymore.  However when I found out about the loss of data it was a deal breaker for me.  Just an FYI. 

Re: Phone atlernatives for NBX

Yes it is a pain but you only have to do it once.  You can use Polycom phones (I use 550's) and really any SIP phones - however - these are not full citizens in the NBX world:


  • You have to set up a TFTP server for the Polycom's to grab their configs and software updates from.
  • You can't do bridged appearances.
  • Users can't change their vmail passwords without breaking their phone connections as the same password is used for vmail and SIP login.

Also check the versions of all your line cards, specially T1 and Analog and you have to have a memory upgrade before you can upgrade to 6_5_22 

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Re: Phone atlernatives for NBX

For a softphone, I use x-lite.. it is free, easy to setup and works
great from my PC.....