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Phone not coe up

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Phone not coe up

Hi all,

sorry for title it's "phone not come up"


on the nbx v3001BRI on release R6_5_20 woth SIP mode have a problem on remote phone with VPN.

Unfortunately VPN goes down, but for few second, peraphs few request time out ping (about  5 to 10 reques time out), and after goes up.

Was not the same for phone, infact the remote phone goes down like VPN but when the VPN goes UP the phone not function. Also when disconnect and reconnect the power supply of the phone the phone not function.

Only when reboot the nbx the phone goes up and function.

Log not show me any idea, only :

H3LinkLayer    E Got a Pkto TimeOut - Application Should Mark Device 0xe0 0xbb36 0xe2c9 DOWN ..

but i don't know and i know that is message "normal".......

Any idea????



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Re: Phone not coe up



Sounds like something on the VPN or the network . The NBX will send out arps at layer 2 , and then use the static ip settings after a few seconds ( not getting an answer at layer 2 ) . When the tels use layer 3 , they should have static IP addresses assigned .  If this is the case , then a network trace would be needed on both ends to see why the IP Packets are not arriving at the tel . By rebooting the NBX you clear everything in the arp table on the NBX as well as the IP tables . A lot of things get reset  . It seems that after you flush out the connections , you are able to reconnect . I wold get a tracer and see what the tels are sending on the Far end of the VPN ( tel side )  , and what you are recieving on the near end of the VPN ( The NBX Side )