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Phones show unknown

Phones show unknown

I have a NBX 3000 running 6_5_2 IP that has a nagging problem.  Every once in a while all the phones will become unresponsive (3102's as well as Polycom IP550's), ie no dial tone and will show unknown in the telephone list on the web management interface (the polycoms show online).


I have traced this problem in the past to a 3102 that was plugged in to the network but powered off and once to a piece of software that was broadcasting on the network.


In the past two days the system will be up for a while and then all the phones will drop off, sometimes a soft reset will take care of the problem but on occassion I have had to powercycle the PBX and the expansion chassis.  Short of segregating the data and voice networks, any ideas?

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Re: Phones show unknown

The NBX phones send a "slave status" to the NBX processor every 30 seconds or so.. when the NBX does

not hear from a phone after 5 minutes, it will mark that phone unknown.

So, the packets are not reaching the NBX processor..

Can you ping the processor from a PC?

You can do a trace on the port that the NBX processor is on and see what is going on in the network that is preventing the packets from reaching the NBX>