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Pretranslator Tab "Device Using CLI" question

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Pretranslator Tab "Device Using CLI" question

When trying to change our Caller ID to show indiviual numbers instead of the main number, I go to the pretranslator tab and the Device Using CLI and the following statement says "Shows a list of all devices not using Calling Line Identification (CLI) pretranslators. CLI allows the external called party to identify the full number of the calling internal party" .  I want to asign the PRI trunks to the pretranslator, but  the directions state "devices not using".  This is confusing to me,  is it or is it not using the CLI in the dial plan.  I am having trouble with the carrier and I need to make sure.  When I test the dial plan it does send out the correct caller ID but it still does not show the correct number on the receiving phone.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Pretranslator Tab "Device Using CLI" question


I have always put the "devices using CLI".. not the devices NOT using..that wording is quite strange.