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Problem with 3102

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Problem with 3102

I have an issue that has happened to a few phones.

They make a call on the handset, then the press speaker button and no transmit via microphone happens. The outside caller can be heard through the speaker.

Any ideas?

Re: Problem with 3102

what version of code, is the call going out over an ALC or PRI?

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Re: Problem with 3102

Did you try swapping the tel ?

Sounds odd for a local tel to see that type of issue

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Re: Problem with 3102

These calls were outbound on a PRI.

I continued testing this weekend.

If you make the call on hook, in speaker mode it works.

If you pick up the handset then go back to speaker phone you get one way audio,intermittently.

The microphone doesnt transmit.

I tested 2 phones and went back to core switch at the NBX. It happened there also. I swapped the core switch and issue still remained.

I am using 3com 4400's

System 3com V3001R

Software Ver 6.0.63

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Re: Problem with 3102

I was just wondering if you were able to resolve this issue.  I have the same problem with a few phones on our network as well.  Thanks!