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Problem with CDR, NBX 5000


Problem with CDR, NBX 5000



I am having a problem retrieving data from my phone system using the CDR tool.  The system is a 3Com NBX 5000, running software version R6_0_59.  When I open the application, (Version R6.0.17) and it tries to pull data, it logs in successfully but says there are "No new files to download from "192.168.blah blah).  For sure, there is CDR data inside of the system.  I am able to reach the system via FTP and go into the folder for CDR and I see several .CDR files inside, however, for some reason the application cannot see them.


I even copied one of the CDR files from the system and it contains CSV data for my system.  This is all well and good but it would be nice to see the software pull this so I can do a specific date range.  For sure, the system has the CDR feature turned on.





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Re: Problem with CDR, NBX 5000

Did you try installing the sofware on a different pc ? If you can see it in the NBX ftp directory and download it , it means that something is possibly corrupt .  A csv file or the app . I would remove the csv files and save them one at a time then delete them off the NBX and see if You can donwload the other files . Do this one at a time until you find an issue .  All you will do is back p the csv files and one at a time test them to see if you can download them . 


Then after you are done  , you can add the saved files back into the NBX ftp directory . Then if this does not work it proves it is the APP .  

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Re: Problem with CDR, NBX 5000

If new files are on your NBX, then it is the database on your pc...

try purging the database on your pc using the CDR app (under File,purge old records, all records)

(presuming you do not want any of these)

then download the new files


Re: Problem with CDR, NBX 5000

You can also check what  was the date of the latest entry of the CDR on the PC, the software will not pull records from NBX before that date.