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Remote Phone Issue

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Remote Phone Issue

I have a client who is deploying their first remote phone. I've dinked around with it before on a couple of other systems and haven't had issues, but this one is a bit different. Complicating things is that I'm just the phone vendor in this case; I have no access or visibility into the network side of things. I just  know they're doing a VPN tunnel between sites, with a Watchguard firebox on the local end.


Remote user does not hear the phone ring. Has heard ir ring once, but when he picked up the screen said "no audio." If he tries to dial anyone else on the system in the main office he goes straight to voice mail; vice versa anyone else who tries to call him goes straight to VM 99% of the time. He can check and listen to voice mail just fine, but can't actually audio with live calls.


Ideas as to what I can have the network support company look at?

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Re: Remote Phone Issue

I'd have them look at the PABX...


Is the phone getting an IP address?


Can you ping it locally?


Can you ping it from the remote network?


Is it registering with the PABX/voice gateway?


What is the phone logging during an unsuccessful call?


What is the PABX/voice gateway logging?


At the basic network level, the kinds of design-related questions to ask are, what subnet is the phone meant to be on? What VLAN is that subnet associated with? Is that VLAn extended to the phone's switchport? Is the DHCP scope for that subnet active? Where is the gateway address/router for that subnet? What are the routes on that gateway? Can the router see the PABX/voice gateway?


Re: Remote Phone Issue

see attached document:


You can also review the following URLs:





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