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Reporting missed calls

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Reporting missed calls

We have a hunt group 450, when users call in and hit 3 on menu tree, it rings to. The group time out is set to 9999 so that way unless someone really wants to wait, they will not get forwarded to voicemail(Not my Idea). Trying to find out how many calls coming in are not answered. Tried setting durration to 0 in custom call report, but that is showing multiple for one call. Also it shows duration of 0 even when a call is answered by someone in the hunt group. Anyone know a way of checking to see missed calls?
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Re: Reporting missed calls

with the setup you have, no way of telling how many calls are missed.. How about this. 1. Have Hunt group 450 ring over after 30-40 seconds to another hunt group, say 451. 2. Hunt Group 451 would have the same setup as HG 450.. 3 On call reports, just look for the calls that went to HG 451 and those would be the ones that were missed... You can play with the timeout on the first hunt group.


Not 100% accurate.. but pretty close !