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Reset phone from the CLI

Occasional Advisor

Reset phone from the CLI

Does anyone know the command or if it is even possilbe to reset a phone from the CLI? You can do it from the Web GUI but I'd like to script it and would prefer a CLI if at all possible.


The reason is that we get continuous ringing in the ear on some phones during Layer 2 calls. This was an issue that was submitted to HP for support and while the looked at it, they were unable to find a resolution. The only thing that works, until we can rebuild the network and isolate the VoIP network more, is to reset it. We can do it either from the phone itself or from the GUI (TabToIt->Telephones-><Select Device> Status->check on 'Reset Device'->OK->OK)


I have some sites with 50 phones and the webgui would take 20 minutes or more.