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Restore V3000 to new V3001

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Restore V3000 to new V3001

I have just had a V3000 PSU blow up and have a new V3001 being delivered tomorrow. Do you think I'll be able to restore a .taz backup from a V3000 on a new V3001? What will happen to the licenses? Could I perhaps swap the hard disks over...would that work?


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Re: Restore V3000 to new V3001

Regarding configuration restoring, most probably everything will work fine.

Regarding licenses, they are restricted to the V3000 System ID. Unfortunately, the system ID of the V3000 model is stored on some tape near the Hard disk. With the V3001 model, this has changed and the System ID now comes stored on a memory chip on the motherboard, so just by relocating the Hard Disk from the V3000 towards the V3001 will not work. However, I think there is an option through the eSupport login to migrate all the licenses from the V3000 towards the V3001. Maybe a forum moderator can confirm this

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Re: Restore V3000 to new V3001

In my experience 3Com cannot put the license of one model to another laso with contract.

Only with sositution (contract or not) with 3Com and only with the same model of NBX, 3Com put the license without its bougth.

Infact if you have V3000 and change and buy another model you must buy all the license to put in new NBX.

this point is very interesting, because also the nbx is different but all is from 3Com, and in a more years i don't know if this is possibile, i buy another way all the licnese i bought in past,i hope in the future...

For the restore of backup (configuration) i try to put the backup of NBX100 to V3000 and V3001 and V3001R, and work is very fine, also with different release of software, GREAT!!!