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I have two V3000B units running 6_5_22 SIP.  I have noticed that when calling from system A to system B extension to extension, I can get system A to show me the trust SIP connect name of system B on the display.  System B phone only shows the phone extension of System A that is calling. 

I am wanting to have System B extension to show "System A_XXX" when being called from System A phone.  Can I do this by doing the following:

We are using 3 digit site codes (let's say system A is 111 and system B is 222)

Have system A pickup phone dial 222XXX.  In dial plan of system A have the call routed to SIP connection, strip 222 and prepend 111 and send it out.  This would have system B receiving 111XXX.

In system B have the SIP connection in pretranslators to see 111 and route that to strip 111 and prepend "System A_". Having the called extension to show System A_XXX.

Would this work?