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SIP Trunking


SIP Trunking

Is there any helpful information on how to set it up?

Also, Can you do it with R6.5.18?


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Re: SIP Trunking

Wow this brings back memories of ISDN of decades ago when it was in its infancy. Cool, new and better technology.

Short answer unless your provider is Bandwidth.com then any other SIP trunk provider(ITSP) with NBX and SIP trunking is probably not supported. "Not supported" being defined by nearly all companies, as it may work and some customers may be using it without problems but it was not officially tested by an engineering test team and therefore limited tech support expertise.

Theroetcially SIP trunking from a provider to any SIP PBX vendor is no different than using SIP between two SIP PBX of the same vendor. As long as your not expecting to do anything fancy then configure it no differently than if you were connecting two NBX's together.

The big gotchas are

1 You probably need an SBC Session Border Controller (not your basic firewall) between your LAN and the SIP trunk provider. Firewalls may have ALG functionality and be SIP aware but an SBC can tweak significantly more SIP parameters

2 Inidividual SIP trunking providers implementations of SIP RFC's are subject to interpetation.

3 CODECs support need to be consistent from Phone to NBX to SBC to ITSP.