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Schedule for Auto Attendant


Schedule for Auto Attendant


on an NBX 100 running R6 we have a DID that comes in from a PRI and rings several phones at once. At specific times throughout the day that DID needs to be forwarded to an answering service and then taken off forward.

8:00 AM Forward off

12:00 PM Forward On

1:00 PM Forward off

5:00 PM Forward On

Is there anyway to have the happen automatically to remove the human element?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Schedule for Auto Attendant

Hello Travis!

I think you can do that with the use of TimedRoutes within the dial plan! Example follows:

DestinationRoute Create 11 Hunt Group

DestinationRoute Create 12 Answering Service

TimedRouteEntry Create 10 1 00:00 08:00 SMTWTFS 11

TimedRouteEntry Create 10 2 08:00 12:00 SMTWTFS 12

TimedRouteEntry Create 10 3 12:00 13:00 SMTWTFS 11

TimedRouteEntry Create 10 4 13:00 17:00 SMTWTFS 12

TimedRouteEntry Create 10 5 17:00 24:00 SMTWTFS 11

Then you can customize your Incoming Calls table (Table id=2) to include an entry route to TimedRoute=10. Example of this:

TableEntry Create 2 1 4910 4 4 Internal 0 10

In the DestinationRouteOperation make two entries corresponding to routes 11 & 12, where for entry 11 make operation to replace the number with the HG extension, while for 12 entry make a replace operation to change the number into the desired AA extension!

Now in the Pretranslator section you may translate (replace) that DID you mentioned with 4910 (as given in the Incoming calls table id=2 above)

I hope this will work because I did not test myself, but theorically it should work! Good Luck!


Re: Schedule for Auto Attendant

Thanks! I will give it a try this weekend


Re: Schedule for Auto Attendant

You are missing one section..

Before the DestinationRoute Create table you need to have an entry as follows:

/ Route DefaultDestinationRoute Description

/ ----- ----------------------- -----------

TimedRoute Create 10 11 Name of Route

Mike Blank

LeBlanc Communications

Mike Blank

LeBlanc Communications