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Selecting outgoing pots line

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Selecting outgoing pots line

Hi All,


Just a disclaimer, I'm very tech saavy and am expert at security, servers, macs, etc...  I'm useless when it comes to phone.


I have a 3com nbx 3000 system with 6 POTS lines and we have rather light call volume.  I just want simply for certain users to make outgoing calls from certain lines(their "direct dial" lines).


How do I get the system to select a specific pots line when a certain user makes an outgoing call?

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Re: Selecting outgoing pots line

Each pots line has an associated number ( port device ) to it . Usually in a standard dial plan the NBX would start to discover these devices as 750 . In the class of service  for the users , enable diagnostics and you can nowe dial these numbers directly . You can also use the line/button appearance in the tel button mapping page and assign the id to a button on their tels .