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Software Upgrade failed

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Software Upgrade failed

I am running an NBX V3000 analog system and running software version R6_0_40 and attempted to upgrade to R6_5_22.  I downloaded the upgrade from the 3com website and read all the instructions and proceedures for the upgrade.  I did back up the database and kept the old version on the NBX just in case something goes wrong and of course it did.  Here are the steps in order that i took:

1. Backup database and licenses

2. remove obsolete system software

3. upgrade the system software

4. select new software and reboot the system - I followed the instructions here and when I rebooted the system I was kicked out the the GUI and could not access it.  I assumed that this was part of the reboot so I monitored the reboot in the hyperterminal, typically when we reboot it takes about 45mins....i waited an hour and the system would not come back up.  I could not access the GUI but looking at the NCP and all of our PRI cards it appeared that they were on with power and all lights were green so it appeared to be operational.  I tried to make a call and there was no dial tone and I again could not get back to the GUI 'cannot find server'.  At this point I began to panic and decided to do a hard reboot by unplugging the NCP and all of our PRI cards.  I did that and waited another 45 mins for the system to come back up and it did but was not functioning propertly.  All of our PRI cards which usually show all green lights there were some red lights and the phones on our floor appearded to be loading but only displayed the Mac address and never seem to reboot propertly.  I was able to get back into the NBX GUI so I just rebooted again back to our R6_0_40 version and restored the database I just backed up. 


Can anyone tell me what went wrong here?  is it because I am upgrading to R6.5? or did I do something wrong during the install.  Currently everything on the NBX appears to be fine, all phones, ext, vmails, and hunt groups are restored the only strange problem now is when I log onto the GUI the login page is different and I get a message below:


"The upgrade process detected a possible data issue in the previous version. Data from that version has not been imported.

Version  R6_0_40 has been created with an empty database and the default administrator password.

Use 'Operations > Manage Data' to convert data from earlier versions or restore data from previous backups."


I cannot find the operations tab to manage data tab I am not sure where to find this and when I click to log on as an administrator the NBX does not ask me for a user name or password, how to I set this back up?

Any info and guidence on this is greatly appriciated?

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Re: Software Upgrade failed

It sounds like the conversion of your database from 6.0 to 6.5 got corrupted somehow.. Somehow, the conversion tools did not like your original database.. You should open up a ticket with 3com so they can take a look at your database and do testing.


Since the database had an error converting, then the system boots with a default database which is

what happened.. the password is 0000... the Operations -> Manage data is really

in the System Maintenance/System Restore, Restore from another NBX Version. .that is where it is located.

For your password, it is possible your browser is saving it and that is why you did not have to log in.. try


killing the browser and restarting it and see if you then have to log in....


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Re: Software Upgrade failed

R6.0.40 ? Hmmm....


Anytime the NBX boots back without a databse is some form of corruption or error . The hyperterm messages are so important at this time , but we do not know what the status of the NBX was without them . when the NBX reboot s, it will lis tout every action and we can usually put it back together with the admin logs and get some sort of a step by step . After rebooting , the system should have gotten stuck on phase 2 . stayed there for a while then went on to the next task in the boot up process after the hard drive check . Now at the databse , there would have been error messages . Very rare to see the site boot and blow away the db .

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Re: Software Upgrade failed

Just thought of this :

Another cause for this is when you click on the upgrade tab , when the system actually goes to reboot to another version , it prompts you that it found a db , would you like to convert it ? If you type in no , then the NBX  will not bring the db forward . Could this have occurred ?