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Speaker Phone Issues

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Speaker Phone Issues

We have an NBX 100 running R4.3.13 with 3102 phones. On a few phones, users have complained that the speaker phone intermittently doesn't work if they switch to speaker after first using the handset. If the call is initiated or received with the handset lifted & we try to switch to speaker, probably 9 times out of 10, we can hear the other person, but they can’t hear us. If we initiate or answer the call by pressing the speaker button instead, the other person can hear us just fine. I’ve also noticed while testing that sometimes toggling back & forth between the handset & speaker a few times will cause the microphone on the speaker to work again.


We’ve tried rebooting the NBX, rebooting phones, replacing phones, different network ports, & even different switches but nothing has helped.


Thanks in advanced for the feedback!!

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Re: Speaker Phone Issues

You should be on the latest code . R6.0.63 .

Supporting older codes is very difficult and we no longer can afford to do that .

Does this occur on all speakerphones or just a couple ?

Are they all 3102 type tels ?

Sounds like an upgrade may help but I am not sure as we fixed a lot of issues going way back . I do not want you to upgrade and think this is resolved as I am not sure but it would not hurt . THe NBX 100 can go to R6.0.63 code due to only 64 meg of memory being available on the unit .

It sounds like the audio cuts in and out pretty regularly  though . I do know we had some issues like this in the past . If you upgrade and it does not work , then open a case and we can get involved ....