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Speed Dial for Voicemails

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Speed Dial for Voicemails

Hi, we have a 3com NBX system.


In a morning to change my voicemail I press the blue voicemail button, enter the password and then...


#91222,  record my message after the tone and press #1 to save it.


Is there a button I can set on the telephone which will aoutmatically get to the promt "please record your mesage after the tone..."


Many thanks

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Re: Speed Dial for Voicemails


log into your user account web service, go to directory, one touch speed dial.

There you will see a diagram of your phone and you can map a button to your speed dial.

The speed dial should be:


xxxx = your extension

yyyy = your voicemail password

the 500** gets you into call answering.

the "comma" puts a delay in the dialing string.. so you may have to play with the commas to add more

delay or not.


Hope this helps !