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Upgrade Best Practice

Bryan Manzeck
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Upgrade Best Practice

I am new to the NBX world however not to VoIP. I work for a school that uses Education module servers alongside the NBX appliances. We are having some call quality issues so before I go troubleshooting all over I want the latest software on my stuff. My NBX's are running 6.0.63 and no idea how to check the Education Modules or what I need on there... Can someone point me to a whitepaper on how to properly upgrade NBX along with the Education servers so I don't break something?

Thanks in Advance.



Re: Upgrade Best Practice

On the education server you need to check for WAV and TSP drivers (this need to match you NBX code base). Go to control panel > modem options > advanced > 3Com TSP and check for the version.

Then you need to check for the education software...

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Re: Upgrade Best Practice

Education Module and the NBX is a tricky set up . You have many components to the softwar e.

1. NBX code

2. Tapi code

3. Wav ( windows audio volume code for all audio inboud or outbound on the server )

4. Education Module software

All versions except for the NBX code ( running on the NBX ) should be part of your Education Module server . You should check the software on all of these apps . Issues like you start to describe can be very technically challenging . I would suggest that you open a case with us in order to start you on the right path .

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