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Upgrade from R5 to R6

Occasional Advisor

Upgrade from R5 to R6

I bought a second hand unit with only v5.XX because my old unit failed (HDD CRASH)


is there a way i can upgrade this thing to v 6? thanks in advance.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrade from R5 to R6

The license is attached to the board that the HD sits on. The new drive has the other systems keys so you just need to reinstall them.

1) Remove HD and from Donor and install into failed unit, but keep the board the drive sits on in the original boxes.
2) Reboot failed unit and you should get a license mismatch and the option to enter keys.
3) Enter the keys, assigned to the board the drive sits on, and you should be good go.

Otherwise you have to contact a reseller to purchase a license upgrade which is around $700 to $1000....I know, don't shoot the messenger.