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V3000 analog dosent respond HANG

Occasional Visitor

V3000 analog dosent respond HANG

Hi i'm having issue since 1 months..

My V3000 will suddenly stop reponding, by that i mean :

I pick up a phone and no dial tone..

From there i check if i can acces the Gui

Sometime i can but sometime i cannot..

Sometime it dose respond to a Ping or not

When i can acces the Gui i will do a reboot of the sys tem and it will do the trick. But, it will work fine for 10min and then i need to reboot again and finaly it will work for a day..

When i cant access the GUI than i have no other choice than unplug to fix..

Any similar problem?


Super Advisor

Re: V3000 analog dosent respond HANG

what version of code ?

Also , when you review the hyperterm , are there any msg's on it ?