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V3001 software

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V3001 software



Can someone tell me if there is a version of R6.0.49 that will load onto a V3001?.

I wish to move a system backup from old V3000 to new V3001 but do not want to risk an upgrade of the V3000.

my plan was to install R6.0.49 on V3001 , restore system backup from V3000 on V3001, and then upgrade tp R6.5.22

I have downloaded software from 3com for V3000 and tried installing on V3001 but got failure due to hardware.

Thanks for any info...

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Re: V3001 software

The first software supported on the V3001 was 6.0.59.

What you could do is load the database on 6.0.59 (yes, a 6.0.49 db can be loaded on 6.0.59, they have the same

schema).. and then upgrade.

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Re: V3001 software

Why can't you use R6.0.63 code ? latest release out on 6.0 .

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Re: V3001 software

Sorry it took a day to get back to this...i was very busy...

Thank you for your responses.

bosoxfan...I will attempt that...After reading about possible upgrade failures due to schema difference, i just did not try various versions....

merlin...i don't know?..

...its a long story, but goes something like this....When i took over the position I am in, I inherited a V3000 with 4 non functioning ports and a seperate 5u style analog 2 card device. The person who was in the position before me has attempted to get his phones up and running by switching the hard drive from one V3000 into another V3000.

He had purchased a new V3001 and then left.

So my problem is to get the system backup off of the old V3000 thich has Ver 6.0.49 (actually I have it off)...and installed onto the new V3001.

Since the old unit is the only working phone device for the business, i wanted not to risk an upgrade to a newer version,(actually it would probably need new expensive license to do so?)...but, instead, attempt to put the backup onto the new device.

I was told by 3com  that I should put ver 6.0.49 onto the new unit , restore the backup and then upgarde....but was met with the "failure due to hardware difference" error.

I will now try with  6.0.59 and see what happens.



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Re: V3001 software



...i was thinking....maybe, since we have very limited features activated, only 4 hunt groups and only 150 phones...it might be easier for me to just copy and paste our old dial plan into the new unit...

...I could auto discover the card ports...


would i have to re-attach each phone in sequential order according to their present extension number?....i would not want the NBX to see them as new phones and dish out a new extension to each...although i guess i could change the extension number back....

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Re: V3001 software

The NBX is designed to take a database to the next latest code , but not to go back . The V3001R does not support R6.0.49 due to coming out later after 6.0.49 code was Released to the public .


What you state is nothing simpler than upgrading your V3001R to R6.0.63 or R6.5.22 code . Your databse can run on any code from R6.0.49 to R6.0.59 to R6.0.63 cod e. R6.0.63 code has the lat6est fixes and is always recommended to go to .


I would go to R6.0.63 , restore your database and you should be all set .


As for the Analog line card ports , that may be a seperate issue not related to the cod e.


1. Upgrade to R6.0.63 code

2. Check the portrs as they should be online . ( if you have older ones in the previous db form the V3000 , then they will need to be changed in the new db as the hardware changes on the V3001 , so you need to rediscover the ne wports then re assign them as well .

3. check the new ports to make sure they are online .


Causes of unknown ports :



Internal issue son teh V3001R

let me know how you make out ?

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Re: V3001 software

Aloha  Merlin//Mahalo for the reply....

I don't know if it matters but this is not the redundant 3001,,,

When you say "not go back"....the new V3001 came with 6.5.22 on it....so....would "upgrading " to 6.0.49 be considered "going back"?....

As i mentioned above, I just inherited this device so I am attempting to get it running by the most simple method...I have found the "Administrators" manual to be very difficult to grasp....and it seems that when i ask questions to 3com support, there are always aspects revealed that one could not possibly get from the reading....

Thank you for your insights, and if you don't mind, i will continue to ask questions on this forum,,,,

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Re: V3001 software

The system come swith that code but you can either upgrade or go back to an older version of cod e.

R6.5.22 is the latest out

R6.0.49 is a very old buggy code .


R6.0.63 or R6.5.22 .

Either way , they are both an upgrade from R6.0.49 code .

Suggestion :


Run R6.0.63 code

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Re: V3001 software

Sorry to get back to this so late...been buzzzzy again....

I updated software to Ver 6.0.63

I restored the data.

Everything looks ok..


I now have 20 ports listed....16 "unknown" and 4 "off line"...

I have not hooked the unit up to the system as yet.

My original ports are numbered 750 to 761...12 ports....

Can I delete the "unknown" ports.....and then renumber the 4 "off line" ports 750-753

....and then plug in my remaining analog lines and let them auto-discover?.....

thanks for any input....


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Re: V3001 software


I could not wait for a reply ,(had to get this finished over the weekend), so I just proceeded as follows:

1. Made sure, after update, all settings were same as old unit.

2. Removed "unknown" extentions.

3. Renamed first 4 extensions to 750-753

4. Changed IP to old unit.

5, Took unit to where old unit was located and turned on new unit.

6. Unplugged ethernet from old unit and plugged into new unit.

7. Could see that phones were listed as "unknown".

8. Rebooted phones to make  them "online".

9. Added all analog lines.

10. Everthing seems to work.....so far...


Thanks for all of your help....

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Re: V3001 software

Great job !

Sorry for not getting back to you but we have had some issues here as our network had some issues .

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Re: V3001 software

No problem Merlin....thanks for all of your help...I may be back in the future......Alooooha!!!!