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V3001r reboots/hangs

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V3001r reboots/hangs

I have NBX Ver: R6_5_18 whit the 3105patch since 4/5 Im running in SIP mode.

Twice today the NBX has stoped working. The first time the problem was that the users voice mailbox was occupied. The second time happend 1 hours ago and the system didnt respond/ telephones was dead/ couldnt dial to the nbx from outside. Cant see anything in the /htfs0/adminlog.txt

Hope u understand this with my poor english ;)


Re: V3001r reboots/hangs


The AdminLogs will not tell you too much about errors reported on the unit, It only keep tracking of changes on the system basically. In the other hand Nbosslog.txt, will tell you a little bit more about what is happening. When you have problems like this, is always better to have a console cable and hyperterm monitoring the NBX, and recording what is happening, so when you contact 3COM and tell about your problem, you probably will have almost everything they will ask for.

Now you said something about voicemail ports, check if the ports are reaching the maximun of ports used simultaneusly several times a day. I've heard that could cause trouble sometimes.

good luck!