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V5000 Dropping Outbound Calls

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V5000 Dropping Outbound Calls

I am attempting to diagnose why our NBX v5000 has been dropping calls recently. I started monitoring our 2 active PRI cards cause codes for a reason as to why all our HQ staff have been experiencing unexpected drop calls. What I noticed is that every now and then on one of the PRI cards 2 calls would end with a Completion Cause code of 0 : NO_DIAG instead of the typical 16 : NORMAL_Clear. After verifying with the people associated with the Cause Code 0 telephone numbers I was able to determine that they are in fact the dropped calls that staff has been experiencing. Great.

I then looked into the PRI card with the problems (it's one of two active digital 3C10116C T1 boards and appears to be the one responsible for all outbound calls and no inbound or intraoffice calls). I've consoled directly into the T1 card per the directions found on page 19 of this guide, however I have been unable to set the logging on a per-channel basis in a way that gives me usable output. The commands mentioned, specifically:



nbxSetMsgTypeFilter "CSCtrl_21", -1

nbxSetMsgTypeFilter "CSCtrl_22", -1

nbxSetMsgTypeFilter "CSCtrl_23", -1

went through and did not error out. So I'm thinking I am logging on these channels in some manner or another - but I do not get any output on the console screen. Does anyone have any experience/expertise on these particular cards on this particlar NBX system and have any direction they could point me in?

Thank you!

 Edit to change v3000 to v5000