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VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

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VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

Hi, I'm new to setting up the dial plan to use VTLs.  I have two NBXs that I'm trying to link and have been mostly successful in my attempts.


Site A:           3 digit dial plan, extensions in 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s, 500s

Site B:           4 digit dial plan, extensions in  1000s, 1100s, 1200s, 1300s, 1400s, 1500s


I have a VTL password set up, let's say is is 12345678

I'm using # as the site code due to every number having a conflict of some kind (poor planning of the systems before I took over administration).


I can make calls between site extensions just fine, and I can call out on pri lines of each system fine.  My problem comes in regards to caller id.


I have a pretranslator set up on both systems that successfully strips the IP off and prepends a # when an extension from site A calls site B and vice versa (prepended # is so users can return the call by selecting it in the phones LCD log).  However I have no idea how to correctly do a pretranslator so when a site A phone uses a site B line that it outputs the caller id information from site A (and again vice versa).


So say site A is caller id information (555)-999-9999 and site B is (999)-555-5555.  When a site A phone grabs a line from site B (only used in emergencies like T1 down) I want the caller id info of (555)-999-9999 still to be outputted.


I've done plenty of pretranslator on each system to do different caller id info for different ranges of extensions but I have no clue where to start in this case.  I'm probably missing somehting simple.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.





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Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

3KB / Pyxis Solution ID - 3KB6239


By default, when setting up NBX dial plans for VTL, the Caller ID will be in the form:

{ip_address}{extension_number}, for example 192*168*1*190*100.  This is what will be seen
if extension 100 at site A calls an extension at site B, on the Site B phone LCD display.

It has become fairly well-known that you can tailor the Caller ID so that the site-to-site
extension calls will show a customized label in the LCD, if a Pretranslator is set up with
the VTL channels as Devices Using, matching the sender's site IP address, and replacing that
IP address with a site name.  For example, if a Site B phone gets a call from extension 100
at Site A, instead of seeing "192*168*1*190*100" it can be customized to read "Dallas:100"
or "100:Dallas", or other customization on a per-site basis and matching on the incoming IP address.

While this works well to spruce up the LCD for internal calls between sites, it does not
address hopoff calls, where extension 100 at Site A may dial 918005551234 and that call needs
to dial out the PSTN from Site B via VTL hopoff over a PRI, BRI, or T1 where the NBX is presenting CID
It is often required from telco that the outbound caller ID be a 10-digit numeric string, and
if the caller ID is "Dallas:100" telco may reject the attempted outbound call.


To get around this, create a standard CLIP pretranslator (Outbound Caller ID pretranslator) just
as you would normally, even without multiple sites or VTL, at the site with the PRI/BRI/T1. 
If there is already an outbound CLIP pretranslator, you will only have to add additional
pretranslator entries.

Add pretranslator digit matching entries to the standard CLIP pretranslator, to match each of the
other site's caller ID that would be doing PSTN hopoff through this site.  The pretranslator digit
matching entry will depend on whether you have customized the caller ID using a VTL LCD formatting
pretranslator or not.  For example, by default, the caller ID for a VTL call might be
192*168*1*190*100.  For this calling site, for hopoff, add 192*168*1*190 to the standard outbound
CLIP pretranslator, and either do a REPLACE dial plan command to post the calling site's 10 digit
BTN (billing telephone number), or, you could do several steps such as striplead 14 (in this case,
to strip off "192*168*1*190*" (leaving just the calling extension), and then prepend "5083231" for
example, to rebuild the proper DID for this extension, so that a final caller ID of 5083231100 would
be sent to telco as the Calling Number.  If you are already using a VTL LCD formatting pretranslator,
and the caller ID reads something like "Dallas:100" for internal extension calls over VTL, you
would add "Dallas:" instead of "192*168*1*190" as the CLIP pretranslator matching digit entry.  In
this manner you can match any site uniquely for hopoff, and present any desired 10 digit number
to Telco for the Calling number outbound Caller ID.  You can be as granular as you wish, and could
actually match specific extensions from specific sites, and present any distinct number, such as
a departmental DID number for that site, or an 800 number, or, for specific "Executives" wishing to
hide just their DID, you could present that site's main phone number instead of the DID for one
or more extensions.  For example, match "Dallas:149" as a specific match, replace with any phone
number, in order to present something different just for extension 149 doing hopoff calls from
Dallas.  This would be in addition to a generic "Dallas:" matching entry that might do a static
BTN replacement, or a prepend of specific digits to rebuild the DID number for all other extensions at that site.

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Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

Thank you, I was trying to make things much more complicated than they had to be.  I edited my dial plans accordingly, imported them last night and have everything working great.

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Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

Nice job !


Glad to hear it s resolved


Used to do that myself ....




Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

Hi Merlin I have question about caller ID


      site A <========================>site B ===============>PSTN

     ext 2xx                       VTL                              ext 1xx             T1 24 ch


My Question is why every time we make call out  from site A and site B to PSTN my BTN (billing telephone number) is not showing on the reciver is always say "Aknown Number". Now we having problem with some of my customer is blocking my call since i can't provide caller ID.Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

My Question is why every time we make call out  from site A and site B to PSTN my BTN (billing telephone number) is not showing on the receiver is always say "unknown Number". Now we are having a problem with some of my customers ,  blocking my call since i can't provide caller ID.Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


The architecture is quite simple .


We use pretranslator 2 for this . Make sure in your pretrans 2 caller devices list you use the devices using cli and NOT the devices using tab . devices using cli are for caller id !


Caller id from site A is sent to Site B , then on to the telco .


So say ext 2050 dials 9 15083235000

2050 is sent as the caller id to site B . Site B needs to take that 2050 and either replace it with say something like 2054445000 or maybe the direct inward dial number  of the telephone like 205 444-2050 . This is done at site B dial plan and not Site A ( not the originating site ! ) very important !


example is to :


striplead 4 ( remove 2050 )

replace 2054445000

This sends the caller id for the main number of the company ( example only )


The other way is to send the 4 digits of the DID or tel extension number and prepend say 205444

so in pretrans you would say anything with a digit 2  prepend 205444 , then the NBX would send out 2054442050



Now ,


If the telco does not understand or see this then they should replace it with a main BTN  ( billing telephone number ) for the account or maybe send nothing or a partial cid  , hence your unknown because the telco does not understand what is being sent to them so they send an unknown in place of the partial or unrecognized caller id . Ocassionally if the Telco is not set up correctly , they can drop the call if they do not knwo what type of calle rid we are sending , stupid telco issue , say the type is ISDN .

You need to make sure :

1. You are sending out the correct caller id for pretrans 2

2. Telco is rejecting due to your calle rid

3. We install in your dial plan a small param that sets the caller id type to isdn .


Send me a copy of your dial plan and I will review and add it in if necessary .


Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

Hi Merlin,

I PM you copy of my dial plans

Thx for your help
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Re: VTL caller id programming in Dial plan

I have not gotten this yet ... Sorry for the delay but I was waiting on you .I believe you can attach it to this forum blog .