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When to use a pretranslator for CLI?

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When to use a pretranslator for CLI?


Added a PRI to NBX and created a pretranslator for some DIDs that works fine for incoming calls.

Outgoing calls are routed properly and show the main number on that PRI on called party's device, which is fine.

Is there really a need to create a pretranslator for CLI in this case? If not, when it is actually useful?

Thank you.

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Re: When to use a pretranslator for CLI?

If you are happy with the main number going out, no need to change it..

Let me give an example.. suppose main number is 508-323-7001. .that is the number that will go out.

Now, suppose my number is 508-323-6789 and I want that to go out instead of the main number.

I would use the pretranslator so that it would send out my number when I dial.

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Re: When to use a pretranslator for CLI?

Inbound pretranslators manipulate digits to send to the system so that you can route calls  to specifc locations ,users , voicemail boxes , auto attendants , etc .

Prestrans one is default or you can create your own . Make sure to add devices using ( system devices or extensions )  into your pretranslator as well .


Outbound pretranslators for caller id come in 2 variants

1. To send a customer caller id number  - Maybe the company main number lkke 508 323-5000 . Telco can also default this to send the same thing  commonly called BTN ( Billing Telephone Number )

2. Lots of times companies like to send out the direct did number for caller id to let people know direct numbers . We use the direct did caller id here .

Now you can actually do both , as in some tels can use a btn  , or direct did caller id number .

In your pretranslator you have a tab on the top called devices using and devices using cli . Using the devices using cli you put in your pri channels to use the pretranslator ( default is pretrans 2 devices using tab ) for outbound caller id . Then modify the dial plan entry for your pretranslator 2 caller id .

Totally customizable to the clients wishes .


Hope this helps or let me kow if you need more detail .