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calling out

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calling out

Ok this seems kinda hard to explain but i will try.

I have phone extention that is actually the main number. So for instanse the main number i am talking about is 337-721-7280. So i have a extension 7280. but its not a physical phone. if you call 3377217280 all 5 physical phones in a hunt group (4007) ring. Witch is OK. Is it possiable for when a phone in the hunt group (4007) calls out; to call out as extension 7280? Because ATT is telling me that if the phone does NOT call out as extension 7280 then the caller ID for the main number is NOT displayed?

the short version of this is. there are 2 companies sharing 1 phone system and i need there main number to show up for the extension i assigned to them and out main number to show up for any other extension.

Re: calling out

If you are using a PRI service then it is possible. If you are using 1FL (standard business lines) then it is not.