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cant configure did for each user/phone

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cant configure did for each user/phone

I just got my pri interface up and running for my NBX 100 (moved from analong lines to pri) and we have 20 did numbers in a 4 digit blox 

ie: xxx-xxx- 9381 to 9390

I have scowered the documentation and cant find how to map the did's to the proper internal extentions.

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Re: cant configure did for each user/phone


Part one says what do I see form Telco :

PreTranslatorEntry Create          1     1 9381 ( Incoming DID )


Part 2 says now that I see it , what do I do with it ?

replace or striplead , append or prepend are your choices . for did's , we want to replace did 9380 with ext XXXx or wherever you want to send this did to . 

Remember that entry 1 pretrans entry above MUST match entry 1 pretrans OperationCreate 1  below .

You can label it pretrans entrycreate 35 but make sure the below entry has the same entry id .

PreTranslatorOperation Create          1     1      1 replace  XXXX ( Extension , Hunt Group , )

Also make sure to go into the dial plan / pretranslators tab and select the  correct pretranslator ( 5 digit ddi / 4 digit internal is default ) and add in your PRI channels to use this pretranslator that you modify in your dial plan with the above entries . You cna create new ones , but in a small system I like to modify the first 10 entries then add as many more as I need .

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Re: cant configure did for each user/phone

 Thanks for the help you guys are wonderful!