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I have a NBX gateway and a call processor with 3c10114c cards for the fax machines. I would like to get rid of the analog lines that the fax machines plug into. To do this I need a way to make a fax machine work with the 3com hardware.

I think my options are:

1) replace the fax machines with fax machines that are compatible with the 3Com NBX setup. Are there any?

2) somehow route the incoming fax to my exchange 2003 server. I am not sure how to do this with 3Com. I really don't want to have to install a digi card with 18 fax modems in my exchange server. I have done this before but the company was still using analog lines. The solution works but I am just shifting the problem.

3) do nothing. It all works so let it be.

4) something I have not thought of.

So can the 3Com NBX handle fax over IP? Are there any fax machines that I just plug into the network and go (after setting them like a phone of course).




Re: faxing

I don't think 3com has any IP/Fax device, but if you need this feature on an NBX, I would suggest to go and put faxes using G3 at a frecuency of 14.4k bps or less, if you use anything above it will not work, basically this happens beacuse of the sampling the NBX uses will not be able to handle a high frecuency like super G3 or G3 + need to send or recieve.
Ed Holt
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Re: faxing

What do the voice lines come in on? 3c10114c is a 4 port analog line card? Are your fax machines attached to an ATA at the end point? If your voice is over a pri you could port the fax DID to it and make the pretranslaton entries in you dial plan to send it to the correct extension.

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Re: faxing

I have 2 3c10114c and 2 3c10117c cards. I was hoping that was a cleaner solution than running phone cables from 1 rack to another. Something like a fax machine that just plugs into the phone network and gets setup like the phones.