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nbx100 3com system problem

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nbx100 3com system problem

i have some issues with our nbx system on site


i am an ast admin for this site my admin has had to reboot the system a few times now after the page system freezing on our users. he has ask me to look over the logs for the system but did find any thing and that it was not set up for a syslog. so when i set up the server i getting a few errors right have the bat here was one of that had come up.


Singh_NBX100 nbxLogger: 0929:164003:0461 HuntGroup4962 E 4962: Hunt Group Member DeviceProfile is NULL

what would be causing this and plz i am new to the system.


Re: nbx100 3com system problem

oh here is a few more this one pop up twice on me


SEP 29 16:29:00 Singh_NBX100 nbxLogger: 0929:162900:0269 H3LinkLayer E Got a Pkto TimeOut - Application Should Mark Device 0xe0 0xbb2b 0x9f53DOWN ..

Re: nbx100 3com system problem

this one has popet up three of four times now



Singh_NBX100 nbxLogger: 0929:185032:0346 CDR E BillingServer::lPrepareCommonDataBuffer - Invalid duration: answer 0x4ca3faf7 end0x4ca3fa


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Re: nbx100 3com system problem


You did not mention what version you are running...

All of those issues are minor and would not cause the system to freeze.

When the system freezes, you should attach a cable to the console and use the hyperterminal program

on your pc (9600-8-N-1-n)

then do an "i" command and the NBX will spit out the tasks it is running.. see if anything is in the SUSPENDED state. If nbxCallprocessing is SUSPENDED, this would cause the system to freeze up.

Many of these have been fixed in later versions of software so you should be running 6.0.63 on the NBX 100.


1. The hunt group is NULL means someone dialing 4962 and there is no number in the database for that.

Maybe 4962 was a hunt group and was deleted... but not deleted in all parts of your database

2. The H3LinkLayer packet timeout is from MAC Address 00:e0:bb:2b:9f:53. Phones send a slave  status to the NBX every 30 seconds, if the NBX does not  hear from them in 4 minutes, it marks them unknown and writes this to the NBossLog. so someone could have unplugged the phone or network issue

3.the CDR billing "invalid duration" was an earlier bug that I recall that was fixed in 6.0.63.. but this was minor and would not cause the system to freeze

Re: nbx100 3com system problem

the version that on the system is R6_0_63

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Re: nbx100 3com system problem

Good.. then an "i" command should tell why it is crashing. if nbxcallp is SUSPENDED, then do

an nbxSaveCore... open a case and tell them you have a Savecore of a callp crash.

(presuming callp is SUSPENDING here and this may not be the case)

Re: nbx100 3com system problem

mm well i have not seen any problems yet


Re: nbx100 3com system problem

 Yes Sir ,.....  


This is or can be normal . Sometimes issues will not occur for a few days weeks months . It seems like a one off issue where every once in a while some thing happens , like maybe someone played with the tel , and activated a feature , something new on the network , etc . There could be a host of reasons why the system stopped , and unfortunatley , the only way to find out is to get the hyperterm data .