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new admin type questions

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new admin type questions


Yesterday I was given control of our 3Com phone system after the administrator left. The old administrator didn't write anything down so I only have the 3Com manual to go by. The first thing I did was backup the license file and the database and then change the password. I have started to read the pdfs but they are dry reading :)

To start with we have a NBX gateway and a call processor with a 3c10114c and a 3c10117c in it. The fax machines connect to the 3c10114c and 3c10117c. We also have 2 Analog Terminal Adapters for fax machines in another building. How can I tell what hardware I have? I don't see a label saying NBX v3000 or NBX v5000, or NBX 100 on the 3Com boxes. The system says it is running 5.0.0.

From another posting in this forum I saw that I will have to upgrade in this order because the database scheme changed: current to 5.0.31 to 6.0.X to 6.5.18. Where can I download the software? Yes I have a current tech support plan as I am the person who handles all of the renewals for hardware and software contracts. I was going to upgrade, backup the system, and wait a week between upgrades to see if there any problems.

Is there any other software I will need to administer the system beside the web interface? I saw references to a dial plan editor. Is that something I will need?

Thank you for taking pity on a new phone administrator,

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Re: new admin type questions

How can I tell what hardware I have? I don't see a label saying NBX v3000 or NBX v5000, or NBX 100 on the 3Com boxes.

There should be a 3C part number on the unit . This will tell you the type of system if it is not mentioned in the identity page on the NBX . The NBX V5000 and NBX 100 are totally different :

NBX 100 is about 12 x 18 x 12

NBX V5000 is about 18 x 6 x 24

nbx V3000 is about 18x 3 x 24

nbx v3001 is a dark colored chassis ( dark brown )

The system says it is running 5.0.0.On this version :

You should be minimum of 5.0.31 code in the identity page as well as the apps , cdr , tapi etc . should all be up to date . We have 2 newer versions , R6.0.63 and R6.5.18 code available . You must pay for an upgrad eon R6.0.63 which includes the R6.5.18 software for free .

as for the software you can go to our pa.3com.com site and log in as a user and you will find the software under the support section .

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Re: new admin type questions

This is what I have:

3c10117c analog terminal card

3c10114c nbx analog line card ls

3c10116d digital line card

3c10200b nbx gateway chassis

3c10202 call processor

The boxes are 18x6x24 so I must have a NBX V5000.

From the system data report:

Software: Runtime Boot

System R5_0_0 V1_1_0

Firmware V1_2_0

Telephone R5_0_0 C5_0_0

3rd Generation Telephone R5_0_0 C5_0_0

Line Card Port R5_0_0 C5_0_0

Attendant Console R5_0_0 C5_0_0

MOH R5_0_0 C5_0_0

TEP R5_0_0 30_0_7

ATA R5_0_0 C5_0_0

TE2 R5_0_0 43_1_8

BRI R5_0_0 28_0_8

I went to pa.3com.com and logged in and I get "You don't have access to this resource." I have the contract number but I don't know where to enter it.

Also what is the difference between the analog terminal card and the analog line card ls?



Re: new admin type questions

I think you need to be NBX certified to get access to the pa.3com.com site.

The Analog Line Card is your analog PSTN gateway connected to incoming analog lines from telco.

The Analog Terminal Card provides analog ports to connect analog phone devices (fax machines, modems, other analog phones) as extensions on the NBX. It's basically 4 Analog Terminal Adapters on one card plugged in to the NBX chassis rather than having 4 separate ATAs.